Five Cost-Cutting Tips for Brides on a Budget

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for brides to showcase their style

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for brides to showcase their style, but not everyone has the budget to make their day match their dreams. Sacrifices sometimes have to be made, usually much to the dismay of the bride or the displeasure of her guests. However, there are several ways to whittle down costs without curtailing good taste. Below are some suggestions to help you think thrifty for your big day.

1. Avoid peak prices.

Every vendor knows that a Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer is the most popular time for a wedding, and thus, typically raise prices to reflect increased demand. Consider scheduling your wedding date on a Sunday, a weekday, or eve during a winter month to avoid these peak prices. This can often save you thousands, especially if you can take advantage of any off-peak or seasonal discounts. In many cases, being a June bride really is over-rated, at least when it comes to cost.

2. Edit out extras.

Ever heard of the expression “it is all in the details?” Well, when it comes to vendors, it is completely true. Details usually equal dollars, especially for things like white-glove service and top-shelf liquor. Edit out these extras in your contracts to reduce overall costs. Your guests will never notice that they are missing, and you can save the money that you would have spent for more important things, like your honeymoon.

3. Go green.

From vases to votive holders, purchasing everything new can be very expensive. To scale back a bit, try going green and buying “recycled” or second-hand items such as ring pillows and aisle runners. In most cases, these near-new accessories have barely been used, and are a great alternative for both the eco-friendly and the budget conscious couple. To find “recycled” items, try these resources:, and

4. Plan on double duty.

Decorative elements such as flowers can quickly become one of the biggest expenses for a wedding, particularly when the ceremony and reception are not held in the same room. To trim back your budget some, plan to make many of your arrangements do double-duty. Ceremony bouquets can easily be placed in plastic holders to adorn the cake table or DJ booth, and aisle and altar displays can be readily repurposed on the buffet. Have your maid of honor or wedding coordinator help you make the move, and cut down on finances, not on flowers.

5. Take time off.

Wedding days are a whirlwind of activity that can sometimes start very early and end very late. With a schedule that begins at breakfast and does not wrap until your last guest leaves the after-party, it is easy to hand over a huge amount. To save some additional cash, consider taking a little time off of your wedding day agenda.  Scale back the reception by an hour to reduce both you venue’s rental fees and your vendors’ service charges. Really, is a five-hour reception so much better than a four-hour one? The affordable answer is no.

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