PortraitPro 17

PortraitPro 17

PortraitPro 17 – Tweak your portraits to perfection with this professional-level software package

For as long as retouching has been part of the public consciousness, there’s been a debate over its ethics and morality. For a lot of people, it’s not so much a case of how far a program can retouch your subject, but rather how far the user should go themselves. Unrealistic beauty standards are a topic of debate likely to last as long as retouching itself.

Aside from all morality issues and debates though, PortraitPro 17 is just the kind of program that promises the kind of wide-scale retouching effects to completely transform your photos from rough shots into fashion magazine-quality images. For the most part it’s extremely easy and user-friendly to get the hang of too, and it comes with basic presets and sliders for tweaking your shots.

Everything starts off in PortraitPro with identifying the face, selecting the gender and going from there. It’s adept at editing faces that are slightly side on, and it can manage with glasses and lower resolution without too much bother. From there, the presets available are subtle enough that a lot of your editing in PortraitPro can be reduced down to just a few clicks.

New to PortraitPro 17, you can now edit backgrounds, which is great for studio-shot images, and this function works pretty smoothly. There are more make-up options than ever before, which is also good for giving you more choice and more realism when editing female portraits.

The sliders though are where the program really excels, and in truth, it’s very impressive what PortraitPro can do. Everything is editable, from the lighting on the face to the colour of the eyes and the shine of the hair, meaning that whatever you want to focus on, PortraitPro can do it. The masking capabilities maybe aren’t the greatest, but when the other tools are this accurate, that’s just a mere fly in the ointment.

Whether or not it’s ethically sound to completely perfect a subject’s face, PortraitPro can manage it. The title doesn’t lie: this is a professional-level piece of software that can do some pretty amazing things, for just £60. A must-have for portrait retouchers.


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