Wedding Inspiration: A Stylized Winter Wedding with Vintage Decor and Rustic Touches by Chicks That Click

Some words from our photographers, Chicks that Click

I love love love Canada. The people are always friendly, the scenery is gorgeous and the vibe is amazing. When I saw this winter shoot, it was instant love for me.

With it’s soft candle light, vintage decor and zmazing rustic touches, it’s the vision of a romantic dream.

Some words from our photographers, Chicks that Click…..

The venue was a 1956 Red Barn near Carmose, Alberta. Husband and Wife models were a perfect edition to the shoot, allowing their love to create a true feeling of romance. The vision we had was to create a balance between rustic and vintage. The setting in the barn was perfect for the ‘rustic feel’ as well as creating a romantic setting for the couple. With the decor we brought in the vintage feel. The head table displayed chairs from the early 1900’s, complete with lace table cloth that gives the entire shoot elegance.

The DIY details are what completes this shoot. With handmade menus, signs, favors, delicious cherry pie and decor are pieced together perfectly.

It wouldn’t be a True Alberta Wedding without the chance of snow! These two braved the ice cold winds and we are so glad they did. This shoot wouldn’t have been complete without these beautiful snowy images.

I couldn’t agree more. When I get married, please just duplicate everything!

Thank you SOOO much to Chicks that Click for this stunning shoot that made our inspirations go into overdrive. Also, thanks to the talented vendors who made this shoot possible.

I am personally a fan of DIY projects. I love showing my personality and giving everything at an event “my stamp”.

I helped my brother and sister-in-law with DIY projects when they were getting married but I do understand that it may not be for everyone.  (See wedding photos here) For some of your crazy busy bees out there, maybe it’s best to leave the wedding projects in someone else’s hands!

Let’s read what Blissful 2 Be thinks…..

Your wedding is your day for everything to look as beautiful as you want it . With all the special touches that makes it you. Most of us have been dreaming of this day our whole life and can already imagine what our special day will look like and all that it will entail. With Pinterest now being your main source to create your dream boards and find a ton of inspiration a lot of you feel as if you can make all of your decorations and things for your wedding and you can, it’s just what should you make and what should you purchase.

This is where the question comes in To DIY or Not to DIY. There are a lot of ways to save your budget and DIY things yourself but there are some things you should never cut from your budget and do yourself. Here are some DIY’s that you and your bridal party can execute months before your special day. Think of making your DIY’s into a day for you and your bridal party to bond and have fun.

1. Votives for your tables

Here is a gorgeous tutorial I found via Pinterest that is a quick and simple easy to do for every bride.

2. Photo booth back drops

Photo booths are so on trend for wedding season so why not save some money and make it yourself. If you don’t have anyone to man your photo booth another way would be for your guest to take photo’s via #instagram and you can go back and print them out at a later date .Here’s a tutorial of how to make your own photo backdrop.

3. DIY Signs

I love DIY signs it gives your wedding personality and it’s quick, simple and inexpensive.

A couple of things you may want to splurge on so you have what you want, your dress, cake, flowers and photographer. These are the things you want to spend a little more on. Remember your photos will last you a life time. Enjoy your planning it may be a little stressful, just remember to take a deep breath and enjoy and never be afraid to ask for help. It’s your moment.

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